When it comes to innovation, my mantra has always been “Yes.”

  • In service of setting a much higher standard, I have developed a reputation for pursuing the unexpected.
  • Unconventional leadership is by far more fun and versatile than taking the traditional route, but it requires courage and a willingness to commit to ongoing change. It will look and feel different in every case.
  • The bottom line: It’s easier to be courageous and confident if you become accustomed to testing yourself and learning the skills that are the most foreign and difficult for you.
  • More than anything, working with the cancer patients renewed my appreciation for life and reinforced my belief in the human spirit. If these patients could look death in the face and continue to fight, and even support each other, then I should be able to proceed full-speed through my life and career without being blocked or stopped by trepidation or uncertainty.
  • Learning how to work with difficult people is vital. You need to get comfortable with naysayers and work hard at the art of winning people over. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.  This idea of doing what is difficult is easier when nothing is lost and mistakes become lessons.
  • Focusing on people ultimately equates to improving performance. When you have a genuine interest in your people, it pays incredible dividends for the organization. In fact, it’s the best performance strategy one could possibly have.nancy_sig
  • “Nancy is a remarkable lady. She is a decisive, passionate, strong and solid leader, yet her casual style, and personable approach to leadership puts you at ease so much so you don’t even realize you’ve just jumped the highest hurdle until you’re on the other side.”

    ‐ N. Charles Anderson, President/CEO, Urban League of Detroit & SEM
  • “Nancy isn’t your typical executive speaker. She pulls her audience in with vivid story-telling that is infinitely relatable and sincerity that is hard to match. I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to any group desiring an inspirational talk on leadership.”

    ‐ Allan Gilmour, former CFO, Ford Motor Company and former Chair, HFHS Board of Trustees
  • “Sometimes, leading a team to victory isn’t about taking the traditional path. Instead, it can take imagination, risk, and the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities. Nancy Schlichting has done this both personally and professionally. I strongly recommend this book to any leader looking to take their team to the next level.”

    Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski, Head Coach of Men’s Basketball at Duke University